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Techim was created in 1976 to suit the industry needs for tailor made column internals and structured or random packing of any type or material as well as catalyst support balls. Today, supported by our production facilities, Techim ensures the supply of column internals on the french territory and answers any requirement from foreign industrial clients on the shortest delivery time basis.

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Plateaux Dévésiculeurs Garnissage Ordonné Metal Support Grid distributeur Distributeur Plastique

Random Packings

Made of metal, plastic, ceramic or exotic material (glass, quartz, carbon...).

The shapes or models supplied by Techim can match any requirement from the most classical to the most specific...

MetalRing Anneaux Vrac Plastique Vrac  Céramique Special Material Raschig Rings


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Catalyst Bed Support BallsInert_balls

  • Ceramic Inert Balls (CERNIT type)
  • Pure Alumina Inert Balls (CERALNIT type)
  • Activated Alumina Balls
  • Molecular Sieve (bead and/or pellet)

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Structured Packings

For separation columns operated under vacuum or atmospheric pressure or thermo-sensitive products, the most suitable solution lies in the use of structured packingvs. We offer a full range of metal sheet and wire gauze structured packings.

As the representative of RVT PE, german company specialised in heat and mass transfer equipment and column internals, we can provide solutions with metal , plastic or ceramic structured packings for specific applications and / or corrosive applications ( refer to our structured packings brochure).

The latest generation of High Capacity Metal Sheet Structured Packing type S or SP enables a significant capacity and / or efficiency increase compared to standard structured packings.


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Distillation Trays

Techim offers a wide range of trays (in metal or plastic) (see our tray borchure) from the classical sieve trays to the high capacity trays

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Column Internals

For the packed columns, Techim designs and supplys the necessary associated internals (see our internals brochure)

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Demisters and Coalescers

Techim designs and offers a full range of plastic or metal demisters for the gas-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation (coalescers)

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